*Implants (endosteal only), up to the allowance for the lowest cost covered traditional procedure.

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Vision  | Dental

Please speak with your employer to determine your dental rates and enroll in coverage.

The Right Choice for Voluntary Dental & Vision!

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We have the RIGHT Dental Plan for You... We believe our Dental Insurance Plans continue to be among the most competitive on the market today. Access true group benefits and rates as an ASA member.

Our insurance plans allow you to choose ANY dentist for your convenience. As an added enhancement to our dental insurance plans, you also have the option to save more money by using our Classic Network.  Click Here to locate a provider.

Group Dental Plan Benefits

  • Group Dental Insurance Plans are Guaranteed Issue - some employer restrictions
  • Choose Any Dentist
  • Preventive and Restorative Procedures available on issue date
  • Coverage Available: Employee Only, Employee + Spouse, Employee + Child(ren), or Family
  • Benefits with Deductibles - the Family Maximum is $150.00
  • Orthodontia benefits for eligible dependent children
  • You must enroll by your employer's effective date in order to qualify for benefits. Late entrants not allowed.

Vision Plan Benefits & Rates

Sight is one of your most precious and valuable gifts. You can protect this gift through regular professional examinations and by wearing properly fitted eyewear. The VSP vision plan is an affordable way to insure the health of your eyes.

  • 100% Voluntary
  • No waiting periods
  • Nationwide VSP Network of 22,000 participating doctor locations
  • Coverage available: Employee only, Employee and one dependent, or Family coverage
  • Laser vision correction discounts

Pays the cost of an eye examination and prescribed eyewear purchased (one set of frames, lenses, or contacts) up to the plan allowance, less any co-pay.

Benefits — VSP Network Doctor

  • Exam:  Covered in full
  • Single Vision Lenses:  Covered in full
  • Lined Bifocal Lenses:  Covered in full
  • Lined Trifocal Lenses:  Covered in full
  • Frames:  Covered Up to $130.00
  • Contacts:  Necessary Covered in full, Elective Covered up to $130

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**Rates may vary based on group location.

Please speak with your employer to determine your dental rates and enroll.